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The BCCS provide specialized canine related courses for anyone, worldwide, who is interested in pursuing a career working with dogs. Our online dog courses are written and assessed by professionals currently working within the canine behavior and training field. This assures our students that the course content is current and well informed, and will equip you with real world knowledge which you can put to use immediately upon completion.

At BCCS, our aim is to equip our students with all the information you will need to then go off and actually run a business in your chosen field.

Study your chosen subject in your own time, from the comfort of your own home, safe in the knowledge that the online canine course you have enrolled upon is taught by canine professionals currently working in your chosen field.


Hundreds of students are already studying with us across the globe. To see what some of them think of our courses, visit our Testimonials page.

The BCCS online canine college was established after our practicing dog behavior therapists were horrified by the number of reports they received from clients regarding the ill informed and potentially dangerous dog advice being given by so-called 'qualified' practitioners. With the canine industry still very much unregulated, anyone wishing to call themselves a canine expert can legally do so. It is worrying that some accredited international colleges offer dog behavior courses which are being assessed and marked by tutors from completely unrelated fields. We made the decision to set up a college run by practicing canine professionals, offering safe, intelligent and practical advice to enable students to become well informed in their field and offer excellent levels of service to their prospective clients.

All of our canine courses are online home study. You have a full two years to complete your studies, so you can learn at your own pace, with full support from one of our professional tutors.


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